Sears Optical - Eye Care Professionals

Your eyes have to last a lifetime!

At Sears Optical, our eye care professionals are experienced experts you can trust. The independent Doctors of Optometry at or near most Sears Optical locations are trained to care for your eyes. Our opticians and eyecare consultants are committed to finding the right eyewear for you - to fit the life you lead.

An annual eye exam is a crucial first step to maintaining good eye health and lifelong vision. There are three types of eye health professionals who are trained to care for the eyes of adults and children

Ophthalmologists are eye doctors who specialize in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and visual system. They also specialize in the prevention of eye disease and injury. Ophthalmologists can be either Doctors of Medicine (MD) or Doctors of Ophthalmology (DO).

Optometrists are Doctors of Optometry (OD). They are trained to examine the internal and external structure of the eyes. They can diagnose and treat vision conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Opticians are eye healthcare professionals who analyze and interpret eye prescriptions; determine the lenses that best meet a person's needs; oversee ordering and verification of eye-related products from start to finish; fit, replace, adjust, repair and reproduce previously ordered contact lenses, eyeglasses and frames.

To arrange an eye exam stop by or contact your local Sears Optical*

*Eye exams available by the independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Sears Optical stores.