Contact Lenses

Finding what's right for you

We Never Lose Sight of What's Important

For many, contact lenses are the quintessential eyewear solution. If you lead an active lifestyle, they are an ideal choice.

Contact lenses offer convenient and exciting eyewear benefits:

  • Can correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
  • Can be worn even if you have presbyopia and require multifocals.
  • Are ultra comfortable to wear and nearly invisible.
  • Maintenance free ... toss your contacts away each night thanks to the convenience of disposable lenses.

Plus you can add some excitement to your life by changing or enhancing your natural eye colour - bat a pair of baby blues one day, then flash green eyes the next! Non-prescription contacts are also available.

As technology continues to advance, contact lens choices will continue to increase. The future is looking bright for contact lenses!

Based on your prescription and lifestyle, our licensed Sears Optical contact lens fitters will help you find the lenses and options that work best for you.